Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Day 176 - Radionics

“Radionics is a method of sending precisely defined healing energy to people, animals or plants, no matter where they are in the world.

Fundamental to radionics is the view that a living body has a subtle energy field which sustains and vitalises it. If the field is weakened, for example by stress or pollution, then eventually the physical body also becomes weak, leaving it susceptible to illness. The aim of radionics is to identify the weaknesses in this field and to correct them, and thereby alleviate or prevent physical or emotional disease.

This subtle field cannot be accessed using our conventional senses. Radionic practitioners use a specialised dowsing technique to both identify the sources of weakness in the field and to select specific treatments to overcome them.

It is not necessary for a patient to be present for the practitioner to 'tune in' to him/her. Something unique to the patient such as a signature or hair sample may be used as a proxy, or ‘witness’. This can happen because part of the mind of each of us is linked via a universal mind.

The universal mind seems to function outside the familiar space-time framework of our day-to-day lives and that is why it does not matter where the patient and practitioner are geographically located. They can be together or many miles apart.

The first sign that treatment is working may be an increased feeling of well being. An improvement in physical symptoms usually follows.”*


Word about my headache has spread amongst friends and friends of family. I was recently advised to try radionics.

I was told that this treatment had worked wonders on a friend’s aunt, and I was strongly encouraged to try it out.

Once again, I might as well give it a go. I have nothing to lose.

At first, all I was told about radionics was that I needed to “put my hair in a black box and she [the practitioner] will do the rest”. Not exactly, but not too far off either.

Today I called the practitioner who told me more about radionics and explained how I can benefit from it.

I have been asked to complete a form with more details of myself and to send a little strand of hair to the practitioner who is based a few hundred kilometres away in XYZ. Although I will never meet her in person, she will ‘work on me’.

While all this sounds completely illogical and implausible, the way the practitioner described radionics was that years ago tribes used to ‘feel’ what other tribes were living through, even though the latter were physically located miles away from the former. A sixth sense enabled them to communicate with each other.

Radionics works in a similar fashion, with the practitioner communicating with the patient via a ‘connection’ that will be established once she receives my strand of hair. Thereafter, regular email or phone contact must be kept, so as not to lose the ‘connection’.

I have got to a point where I must try everything, as anything may work.

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