Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Day 1762 - Healer

A friend came over for supper a few months ago and handed me a book: “Read it. Maybe it will help you. You could go and see him”, she said to me. The book was called The Link. “He” referred to Matthew Manning, author and healer.

I never thought I would find myself resorting to a healer, but after nearly five years of constant headache, one tries to experiment with everything, in the hope that the wretched beast will depart for good. The book recounts Matthew’s highly unusual poltergeist disturbances as a child, and his capacity later to heal people with his energy.

Needless to say, I was reluctant to go but thought I’d give it a try. My friend had been severely ill as a young girl, so much so that she missed months of school. Matthew miraculously healed her, and since then she feels like she has had her life back. Maybe he could miraculously cure me too.

I drove for a long five hours to reach Devon, on the southwest coast of England, for my first appointment. I found Matthew to be a warm, welcoming man who immediately made me feel at ease as soon as I walked into his little studio. There was nothing in the room, except for a reclining chair that was placed in the very centre, in which he asked me to sit. The session lasted about thirty minutes. Matthew’s hands rested against my temples for the duration. My eyes were closed, and I remained immobile as his hands moved around my head. “It’s not your stomach”, he told me. “It may be something out of place in your jaw, but I can’t feel anything… strange”.

I returned later that day for a second session, which unfolded in exactly the same manner as the first. I was asked to return a few weeks’ later.

The headache seemed to fluctuate in intensity over the following weeks, but who knows whether it is connected with what Matthew did to me. I drove all the way back to Devon for my third and final session.

Over one month has now passed since, and I am afraid to say the headache is still very much there, with a life of its own, making itself very much present all day and all night long.