Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Day 199 - Crystals

“Crystals are natural formations formed in the earth and have been used since time began to heal and balance the human energy field. Long before modern medicine came to be, mankind was very familiar with the natural healing power of crystals. These were used to reduce swelling and kill infection. Some would calm ailments in certain organs while others energised. They were also natural painkillers.

Crystals are holistic healers, that is they work on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level of being. Today, we live in an environment that is full of electromagnetic smog. No home or place of work is free from the presence of numerous electrical appliances and for a lot of us, spending hours in front of a computer every day is the norm.

Every electrical appliance regardless of how high specification and environmentally friendly it is emits levels of radiation, which our bodies absorb. This electromagnetic smog wreaks havoc on our systems, disturbs the natural balance of our energy field and is the cause of much geopathic stress, which can cause illness and is even related to certain cancers.

Crystals help to protect us from this potential danger by absorbing the harmful rays. The simple act of putting a clear quartz or smoky quartz crystal on the desk between you and your computer could make a world of difference to your overall health.

Crystals can be used throughout the house balancing and harmonising the energy within, bringing a calming effect to all.”*

I am suddenly feeling surprisingly better. My headache was pretty bad last week but it now seems to have improved.

I decided to take a short holiday to try and forget about London, my headache, and to try and relax a bit. And it seems to have worked.

Whether the improvement is due to the fresh air and some time spent at the sea, or as a consequence of the radionics treatment, or indeed as a result of the supplements the kinesiologist has given me, I do not know.

The important thing to me is that it is improving. I have more energy and I now feel like getting up in the morning and enjoying the day ahead.

I am certainly feeling optimistic about my radionics treatment. This morning I spoke to the practitioner who thinks the pain could be related to my spine: she explained there may be tiny little fractures in my vertebrae, which she is now working on.

She also believes my headache may be related to harmful radiation emitted from computers and television screens. Come to think about, my previous job required me to sit in front of the computer for more than ten hours a day.

The practitioner also suggested buying a clear quartz crystal. She explained that crystals are good at detracting rays from PCs and TVs, which may contribute towards improving my headache.

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