Thursday, 8 January 2009

Day 17 - Chinese Herbal Medicine

"Chinese Herbal Medicine (CHM) therapy involves the use of natural plants, minerals and even some small amount of animals, each having its own specific characteristics and particular medical use to treat diseases. These rectify the over-activity or under-activity of yin and yang, and help restore the body to its normal physiological functions.
Like other Chinese Medicine disciplines, Chinese herbal medicine is based on the principle that good health springs from maintaining a harmonious balance of energy, yin and yang, both inside and outside of the body. If this balance is lost, either within ourselves or in our environment, disease may develop.

Treatment with Chinese herbs involves the use of several hundred commonly used ingredients, including roots, stems, flowers, leaves and barks as well as other non-plant materials. Pre-prepared combinations of herbs in the form of pills, powder capsules and creams (for external use) are also used.

Combinations of these herbs, often using formulae designed and used for over 2000 years, are matched to the individual's needs, based on the pattern of symptoms presented to the practitioner."*


The Chinese doctor did not speak English; a colleague of hers, a Chinese lady, translated for us.

During my consultation, the doctor looked at my tongue and took my pulse at both wrists.

She suggested there were problems with my liver and kidney and advised taking a number of supplements and herbs to help detoxify, thereby alleviating the pain and eventually ridding my body of my miserable headache.

I have to take the supplements daily for the next six weeks.

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