Friday, 2 January 2009

Day 11 - Sinusitis

"The sinuses are air-filled cavities in the bones of the face that improve the resonance of the voice. The five pairs of sinuses are interconnected and also connect with the nasal passages.

Sinusitis occurs when any of the sinuses become inflamed - a condition that can be acute or chronic.

In acute sinusitis the symptoms may include:

- Headache
- Nasal congestion or obstruction
- Pain and tenderness in the face, especially when coughing or bending over
- Loss of taste and smell

Sinusitis is more common in adults. It rarely occurs in children under the age of five."*

I am starting the new year with a headache.

The paracetamol didn’t do anything. And neither did the migraine tablets.

I am still in France. Today we went to visit a friend, Florence, who lives in a village nearby.

My nose is slightly congested. My head is pounding. And my boyfriend suggested snorting salt in warm water. I have tried this and it stings like mad.

Florence suggested my headache may well be related to sinusitis. And I am sure it is! I had a sinus operation a few years ago. It must be this.

We managed to find an open pharmacy. I purchased some homeopathic medicine, and have just popped the first two in my mouth. I am feeling optimistic.

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