Monday, 10 February 2014

Day 1879 - TMJ Attempt 3

I would like to apologise to the readers of this blog for my silence over the last few months. Since starting this blog, I told myself that I would not whinge and whine about my headache; rather, I would try and post about possible cures found.

Since my last post a few months ago there has been a change in the headache. It’s still very much there - but shifting, which has never happened since it started over five years ago (another anniversary passed - a fact I have tried to ignore and once again push away). Over the last few months it seems that the headache has popped up in other places along the right side of my head. It’s always in the middle of my right temporal bone, but it also seems to be further down by my ear. When I put my finger in my ear and exert pressure it hurts.

A few months ago I went to see a TMJ specialist in London. The Doctor read through all of this blog, the first time a doctor I have seen has ever looked at, let alone read, my blog. Just by reading my entries, he felt certain my headache was jaw related. He even wrote up the session’s diagnosis before I had arrived to our appointment - which he showed me after our session, ticking off each point one by one.

I decided to get a second opinion. I did some online searches and came across the website of Dr Grossman, an orthodontist in central London. His website has a detailed (and very interesting) section on headaches. I am able to tick quite a few symptom boxes:

During my first session, the Doctor prodded all sorts of points in my head, jaw, neck and shoulders - many of which made me jump. He asked me to get a TMJ MRI to see what showed. I have had two MRI’s since the onset of the headache - but neither of them of my jaw.

The results showed that my jaw is slightly displaced. I do not - and have not - got too excited at the prospect of having solved my headache, given the amount of times that I have been let down in the past, thinking I had found a cure. So now I feel hopeful but in a way nearly indifferent - of course I want the wretched pain to go away, but I am not getting my hopes too high.

I have been wearing a splint for the past three weeks day and night. The Doctor said I would notice a difference within the first week. Three weeks have gone by and I am yet to see any reduction in pain - but after five years of constant pain I am certainly not expecting the pain to disappear overnight.

But fingers crossed.


  1. Fingers crossed!

  2. no need to apologize PH.
    at least you found the suspect happy for you.

  3. Dr Linda Gray Duke North Carolina or Dr.Schvienk Cedars in LA I still believe you have a CSF leak. They are very hard to detect - email both doctors your information. Join the private CSF group on Facebook

  4. I have had a headache for 3 years permanent so I know how you feel. I myself have tried tmj treatments twice. They both failed unfortunately. Both dentists told me I was clenching more jaw so hard in my sleep but as I didn't get better I just didn't believe them. I investigated it further tho and bought a biofeedback that you wear and it tells you how many times you are clenching. I clenched over 200 times a night and even when I had the splint on I was still clenching . The biofeedback is helping reduce my headache pain, and whilst it has not totally gone I am having some better days.

  5. Although I dropped the "seeking", I believe I was living with auricular neuralgia (sp?) The pain has tapered off, although still exists in the
    right ear on occasion.. Your blog has been a great inspiration and comfort to so many who search for the answers that doctors do not
    seem to possess. I hope this latest development opens a door to relief and freedom for you.


  7. Have you tried chiropractic treatment? I didn't see this in your list of keywords on the right side of the screen. I would recommend you find a reputable chiropractor and fast. It will change your life.

  8. Funny you ask - that is my next post.. I have now been seeing a chiropractor for the last few weeks - no results as yet.. Thank you for your message.

    1. How are you now? Updates ?

  9. Hi. I have recently had a lot of respite from my daily headaches by learning about Tension Myositis Syndrome. All of the Dr Sarno books and a book by Steve Ozanich have helped me understand and heal my back/neck and head pain.