Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Day 1762 - Healer

A friend came over for supper a few months ago and handed me a book: “Read it. Maybe it will help you. You could go and see him”, she said to me. The book was called The Link. “He” referred to Matthew Manning, author and healer.

I never thought I would find myself resorting to a healer, but after nearly five years of constant headache, one tries to experiment with everything, in the hope that the wretched beast will depart for good. The book recounts Matthew’s highly unusual poltergeist disturbances as a child, and his capacity later to heal people with his energy.

Needless to say, I was reluctant to go but thought I’d give it a try. My friend had been severely ill as a young girl, so much so that she missed months of school. Matthew miraculously healed her, and since then she feels like she has had her life back. Maybe he could miraculously cure me too.

I drove for a long five hours to reach Devon, on the southwest coast of England, for my first appointment. I found Matthew to be a warm, welcoming man who immediately made me feel at ease as soon as I walked into his little studio. There was nothing in the room, except for a reclining chair that was placed in the very centre, in which he asked me to sit. The session lasted about thirty minutes. Matthew’s hands rested against my temples for the duration. My eyes were closed, and I remained immobile as his hands moved around my head. “It’s not your stomach”, he told me. “It may be something out of place in your jaw, but I can’t feel anything… strange”.

I returned later that day for a second session, which unfolded in exactly the same manner as the first. I was asked to return a few weeks’ later.

The headache seemed to fluctuate in intensity over the following weeks, but who knows whether it is connected with what Matthew did to me. I drove all the way back to Devon for my third and final session.

Over one month has now passed since, and I am afraid to say the headache is still very much there, with a life of its own, making itself very much present all day and all night long.


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  2. Sorry to hear the healer didn't work out. Hope you are managing and living the best life you can, all things considered.

  3. Your willingness to try is a good sign

  4. I have followed your blog on and off for a little while now as I have a continual headache on the right side of my head and neck, into my shoulder. It actually pulls all down my back too when severe. I have quite a misagligned jaw and spine but more recently have discovered I am suffering from trigeminal and occipital neuralgia. A lot of the intense pain focusses over the temporalis so thought it was worth mentioning it. I think either of them can cause that type of pain but my money would be on the occipital neuralgia. Best of luck.

  5. I am 46 years old and have had a permanent headache for the last 5 months! Please email me. mjcorsillo@gmail.com

  6. I'm start trying Rosemary essential oil for my 24/7 headache. Will update you later ;)

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  8. I too have had an up diagnosed head pain. This has been going on for almost three years.
    Have you tried,

  9. PH, i tried Rosemary oil..well..it help only at certain extent but no more progress further...Now I trying blood cupping ..will update.

  10. Hi. Sometimes the search for the answer is as tiring as the actual problem isn't it. I am 6.5 years in now, and have tried many of the same things as you have. The first two years was a living nightmare, but then it went down a level and stayed there for the next couple of years, and then down a level again. So from those nightmare days where it was consistently 8-9/10 with electric storms going over my scalp and I could hardly function, it has been just a 2-3/10 now for a long time. If I have IIH, I know it may never go away or could go up a level again. But if it was caused by a perfect storm of a few issues, then I think I'm getting there and a headache free future isn't impossible.
    Despite the very long list of things I've tried there have only been three that have made any big difference for me. The first is time - I dont know how my body got into that state or how it got itself through the worst of it but it did, even if very slowly (one specialists theory is that one of my adrenal glands went hyperactive then calmed down over time). The second is having my gallbladder removed. It was ruled out as a problem many, many times as I didnt have the usual symptoms, because attention was on my adrenal function, and because I'd had a number of abdominal scans. But at the 5 year mark it got to the point where my stomach was causing me more pain than my headache and attention shifted to it again with more tests. My gallbladder was badly inflamed and I am hugely improved after having it removed. Once it was gone, I could tell some of the symptoms that disappeared had been symptoms I'd had from right at the beginning of this saga which myself and doctors had wrongly thought were tied up with the headache issue. The third is improving my posture and having remedial massage to my shoulders/neck. It is true that once you've had a headache for many years, you build up a layer of headaches as it is impossible not to have some tension against the constant pain. This had happened to me, and I could flex muscles over my scalp that I didn't know I had before - so although this doesnt make my base headache go away, it is removing the layers of tension that had built up around it in my shoulders, neck and face muscles.
    Everyones underlying cause will be different, but try to listen to your body. I was getting so much advice from people who have never been in this situation, or who were making wrong assumptions, and in the end listening to what my body was telling me was more important.
    Do yourself a 'cold case' review and try to harshly reassess your own assumptions as much as those of the specialists. And look in detail at the onset - I had a number of other symptoms occur in the leadup to the headache coming on, and they've been really important in redirecting attention to the underlying causes.