Monday, 25 May 2009

Day 154 - Alcohol

“Alcohol is a common term for ethanol, a compound produced when glucose is fermented by yeast. The alcohol content of a particular drink is controlled by the amount of yeast and length of fermentation.

Fruit is used to make wine and cider, while cereals such as barley and rye form the basis of beer and spirits.

Alcohol is a drug that has the immediate effect of altering mood. Drinking it makes people feel relaxed, happy and even euphoric, but in fact alcohol is a depressant. It switches off the part of the brain that controls judgement, leading to loss of inhibitions. Drinking even small amounts of alcohol can affect physical coordination.

The liver breaks down and eliminates alcohol from the body. It takes the liver about one hour to deal with one unit of alcohol (8g).”*


My teetotalism does not seem to be making much of a difference to my headache - on the contrary, when I drink it seems to get better. Maybe it’s because after a glass or two I am in good spirits and manage to temporarily avoid thinking about the pain.

Nonetheless, I am strictly off alcohol at the moment (and have been since January). I think I am even being overly cautious as I have been scrutinizing the menus in restaurants and carefully eliminating all dishes that have been cooked using white or red wine (along with all nightshade foods, wheat, yeast, dried fruit and sugar).

Despite the rigorous diet, teetotalism and supplement intake, there has not been much of an improvement on the headache front in the past few days.

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