Monday, 17 December 2012

Day 1460 - Electro Smog / Electromagnetic Sensibility

Due to the introduction of mobile phones, computers, CCTV cameras, satellite televisions and digital radios, our lives are enveloped in electronic radiation. This phenomenon has been described as 'electro smog', so all-pervasive are the pulsing microwave signals that surround us on a daily basis. 
Of course, we cannot see all this electronic activity, but if we could, the sight would be dramatic. Stepping from somewhere free of modern electronic gadgetry into a Wi-Fi active zone would be the equivalent of walking from a peaceful country lane onto the hard shoulder of Spaghetti Junction. 
EMF Sensitivity is an adverse health reaction, similar to an allergy, caused by the radiation emitted from cell phones, microwave or cell phone towers, radar, satellite, infrared, ultrasonic devices, Wifi, WiMax, GPS, RFID tags, computers, power lines, and other electrical equipment.

Some studies suggest that as much as five per cent of the population may already be suffering from headaches, concentration difficulties, chronic fatigue, irritability and behavioural problems because of this electro smog.*


I remember watching a documentary a while back on wifi radiation. Those interviewed were Scandinavian women who were severely affected by wifi radiation. This caused them all manner of ills, from a general feeling of malaise to more severe aches and pains. As a result of their sensitivity to radiation, they had to entirely plaster their house with what was effectively tin foil which, as far as I understood, would prevent the radiation from entering the interior of the household.

It has crossed my mind that my headache may be due to wifi sensitivity. However, I haven’t noticed any difference in the headache when travelling to remote areas with no wifi or mobile phone signal. I wonder if the effects are immediate? Do those with wifi sensitivity notice an immediate headache when they are in an area with radiation and does it ‘switch off’ as soon as they are away from it?


  1. I've wondered the same about electricity in general. I can't really think of any good way to know for certain, as it sure is all around us. I wonder also if the effects are permanent.

  2. I hope you find a solution. I happened on you page in searching if the potato soup I ate yesterday could have caused my headache last night.

    I have had chronic headaches since childhood. Mine tend to be debilitating. When in the throes of a headache, the discomfort takes over my entire life. When I have one I can not read, can not eat, can not watch TV, can not concentrate. I can only lay down and mash my hand against my head to try to alleviate the pain. Pain killers tend to work eventually at sufficient doses. Usually aspirin and ibuprofen combined. I avoid acetaminophen as it can be dangerous taken regularly or in large doses.

    Thankfully they are only episodic, generally gone after a sleep. I remember as a child the thrill of waking pain free following particularly bad nights with tremendous head aches. As I have gotten older, headaches have occasionally persisted upon awaking.

    If I had a headache that lasted more than 24 hours, I don't think I would be able to survive it.

    Good luck to you.

  3. This blog has been a God-send in terms of helping in my
    attempts to "figure out" the entire nature of my headaches
    Like others, I have run the gamut of physicians, medication, and sundry no avail. Unlike the others whose symptoms increase when lying down, mine
    intensify when I am seated, particularly on a cushioned
    chair.??? but the loss of balance has been gradual and now
    a part of the syndrome. Diagnosis was occipital neuralgia,
    but with my further research, auricular neuralgia seemed
    to better pinpoint the condition, although given no encouragement for a "cure"... I bless you for starting this blog stream, as it has given me inspiration, hope and
    the sense I am not alone....I pray you all the solution
    and relief you so earnestly seek.

  4. Hello all. I've suffered from repeating headache for my entire life, and finally boiled it down to electromagnetic sensitivity. EM radiation can cause all sorts of serious health problems, and the headache is just your body telling you there's something wrong. I've researched about 100,000 pages on the subject over a 30 year span, and it's no joke. B. Bake Levitt is one of many researchers who has quality info on this. >

    Also see