Sunday, 5 December 2010

Day 715 - Low Stomach Acid Headaches

“Individuals suffering from headaches related to low stomach acid have the option to resolve not only the headaches, but also most of the other symptoms associated with low acid, such as bloating, or heartburn-like symptoms following a larger meal.

Considerations may include lemon or lime water, or they may supplement a digestive aid containing Glutamic acid + Betaine + Pepsin, or they may try Bromelain, which is a better choice if they suffer from acid reflux and low stomach acid (which is possible).
Acidophilus, or any of the 'Probiotic' friendly bacteria formulations could also be taken on a regular basis, with the best time being right at bedtime. This assures re-seeding of the "good" bacteria overnight, which will subsequently lessen any early morning symptoms such as nausea or headaches that are experienced by some of those suffering from low stomach acid.

Since the Helicobacter Pylori bacteria is a common cause for low stomach acid (as well as ulcers, cancer, asthma, gum, and heart disease), it may be worthwhile to be tested for a possible infection, and if found positive, undergo appropriate therapy.”*


The headache’s second year anniversary is coming up soon, although this year it doesn’t seem to be as big a deal as it was last year. Maybe it is because I have lived with it for so long now that two years seems to be no different from one. Maybe it is because I would rather just push the thought to the back of my mind.

I have been suffering from bad stomach aches for a few weeks which has made, of course, me wonder if they are connected to the headache. My stomach has come up as a potential cause for the headache on various occasions with the kinesiologist. I have no idea as to what the source of the pain could be - possibly a bacteria, or maybe stomach acidity. The kinesiologist has suggested I get checked for Helicobacter Pilori.

The discomfort of the stomach aches which have now persisted for over a month have made me once again realise how one gets use to pain as I have caught myself on various occasions wishing for the tummy ache to go away and for the pain to move to the head. I have evidently got so used to the headache that discomfort in other parts of my body nearly feels unnatural, so to speak.

I thought the stomach ache was the cause of something I ate, but given its somewhat abnormal duration I have decided to go and see a gastroenterologist. Again, an odd bit of hope that this may be the cause of the headache that is manifesting itself two years down the line.


  1. I have the same condition and i have developed it because of bad food habits like spicy stuff and keeping stomach empty for a long duration. I always feel headache, when i eat spicy food and it is mostly evident in the very early mornings.
    I get relief by drinking a lot of water or anything which neutralizes acid. Yes, if i vomit, then my headache is automatically gone!! anti acid medicine cures it. I took Veragel-DMS (two tabs./twice a day) and Romesec 20 Mg,one /twice daily.